Insel Games is a full service publisher of Free to Play Online PC and Mobile games, taking your game to new heights in the Western market!

We are always looking for new online games on a multitude of devices, including PC, Console and Mobile. Contact us if you are looking for a publishing partner in Europe and North America!


We handle the translation of your game in many European languages incl. English, German, French and Spanish, not only translating the content but adapting it to local culture and taste.

IT Operation

With our partner Conversis we operate servers in Europe and North America to run our online games. Our platform includes CRM and analytics tools as well as shops with a variety of billing systems.

Product Management

Online Games are products and services, so the PM has a key function in each project. We manage the whole project but also adapt the game to local tastes - from balancing and in-game events to content updates and monetization.


While we outsource our performance marketing to partners such as iQU, our marketing team focuses on branding campaigns and media cooperations to drive users to our online games.


Players need to know new games are out there. Our PR teeam interacts not only with established print and online magazines but also bloggers, streamers and Let's Players!

Community Management

Online Games live because of communities. To interact with them through Forum, Facebook, Twitter, In-Game Chat or support emails is our core DNA.